Friday, 5 August 2011

a friday morning in august.

It's Friday and it's August.

A Friday morning in August means a lovely morning breakfast with my love, Daniel.  
Being August and all, it also means picking more veggies from our garden.  Today I picked a full bowl of cherry tomatoes, mint and a very large zucchini.

yum yum yum.

I took a few more photographs of our garden.  It changes everyday.  Our peppers are ripening and our potatoes are getting so big! Out lettuce is growing so tall, but unfortunately this means that it is also becoming bitter and not very pleasant (but still beautiful and fun to take photographs of!)

Friday morning breakfast

hard boiled egg, toast and coffee

garden goods

our tomato family is ripening fast!

our one potato that can't wait to be picked

in the August sunlight green peppers becoming red peppers

we can't remember the name of these little red peppers, 
but they smell so delicious and are completely full of seeds!

our big, bitter, beautiful lettuce 

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