Friday, 29 June 2012

June update

Peppers & Onions

Kale & Cabbage

Broccoli with a few drops

Growing cabbage

Growing Beets


Thursday, 7 June 2012


Our garden is growing.

We were not so successful with our spinach seeds, but we have planted some more, and will update when we (hopefully) see the plants sprouting through the earth.

Each and every plant is growing at its own pace - it is quite amazing to see how the potatoes grow so much over night, while the tomato plants are slowly gaining strength each day to stand tall in the sunshine.

Vegetable gardens truly are amazing.

Some photos to show the progress these tiny seeds and plants have made:

 (heirloom tomatoes)


 (Cherry Tomato)

 (Cayenne peppers)




 (A pepper and onions sharing a small space)

(Russian Blue potatoes)

Thursday, 10 May 2012


It is the second week of May and I decided it was about time to start writing again.  I took some time over the winter months to do other things - besides, I didn't have too much to say about our garden in January.

Last Sunday, Dan and I spent time in the dirt.  We put tiny little seeds into the ground, hoping, as we laid each one, that they will sprout and provide us with delicious vegetables.  I must admit, I have been feeling a bit more nervous this year.  Last year we really just went for it - planted tons of stuff, not really knowing what to expect.  We were totally (and pleasantly) surprised.  Now, knowing what can be, I am just a bit nervous.  Were we gentle enough with the teeny tiny seeds?  Did we plant too soon?  Is our garden layout just right?  Are the squirrels going to dig up all of our onions? 

As I was leaving for work this morning, thinking about some of these questions, and quite honestly, fretting, I stopped, just for a moment and took in our little stakes indicating what we have planted and I felt really excited - not nervous. I felt excited for what's to come - even if the squirrels get away with some onions and we find that we did mess up along the way - it's all part of it and I am really excited.

We're posting this around the garden for 
all of the weeds to see.